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Twitter Scam Targets Bridal Expo Attendees

Internet Scam Targets Brides-to-Be

With many friends and family having walked down the aisle, I can tell you what a zoo bridal expos are. It's where businesses and brides-to-be converge to get ideas and hire vendors for their big day. It usually costs to get in (I've seen entry fees range from $10 to $75), but once you're in, it's a cake sampling, music blaring, fashion show bonanza. Most anyone can put on these types of events with the proper venue, license, and workable marketing campaign, but unfortunately, not everyone marks those first two points off their checklist before collecting entry fees.

A recent web scam has targeted these excited brides and has swindled more than $100,000 out of attendees and vendors alike, without even having an actual bridal expo to attend. The scammers associated themselves with a legit Boston community website, set up a fake Twitter account, then watched the entry fees roll in via PayPal. I think I'll spare you the lecture about getting scammed on Twitter (yet again), but this serves as a good lesson as to how savvy online scammers are. If you can't find any information about an event other than a spammy-looking Twitter feed, then use caution when shelling out your hard-earned cash. Do some research into the show! Bridal expos will have a website featuring the vendors that will be showcased there in order to promote the event. Have you ever been scammed like this?

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