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Blowing Cups Trick Video

This Mind-Blowing Trick Is So Insane You'll Need to See It to Believe It

The internet is a melting pot of wacky challenges that constantly leave us all scratching our heads, but this insane new trick will leave you thinking "WTF?!" and "How'd he do that?"

HOW ? ๐Ÿ˜‚

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In the video, a student spins a cup stacked inside of another cup until the top cup is left spinning on its own. A subtle blow on the top spinning cup sends it flying into the air before it lands perfectly inside of another cup nearby. It's pretty similar to the Water Bottle Flip Challenge that went viral last year.

The clip, which was uploaded on March 15, has more than 11,000 views at press time and many commentators are predicting it will be the newest internet challenge โ€” assuming anyone can figure out how to nail the seemingly complicated stunt first!


Interestingly enough, someone uploaded another version of the trick to YouTube in 2010 and it's just as mind-blowing. Watch the video above to see it with your own eyes, then try it for yourself.

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